Anita was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on April 22, 1924, to Theodore Grosvenor and Anita Strawbridge Grosvenor.

She was married to Thomas B. McAndrews of Indianapolis, Indiana, and in 1955 moved to the Republic of Panama where her husband had secured a position at the Naval Hydrographics Office. He later became a Panama Canal Pilot.

Anita lived in the Republic of Panama for over 30 years, raising a family while pursuing a career as a journalist, writer, poet, and artist. The Latin American tapestry of diversity, religion, history and culture was colorfully woven into her writings and paintings.

She also had a morning radio program called Breakfast With Anita with the purpose of enhancing communication and understanding between the Panama Canal Zone residents and the Panamanians. She interviewed prominent artists, politicians, and leaders of the community as well as some international celebrities.

Anita was a member of American Pen Women International.
She exhibited her artwork in various galleries throughout Panama City, Panama. Later in life, she was a member of The Spring Bull Gallery and the DeBlois Gallery of Newport, Rhode Island, flourishing in an eclectic environment of contemporary paintings and sculptures.

Anita passed away in Newport, Rhode Island on October 15, 2005.

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